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We are the Mobil Macher.

Our team & philosophy

'Mobil Macher' is a German pun and literally translates to 'Mobile Makers'. It does not mean that we produce mobile phones, it actually means that we make things mobile - e. g. your ideas, strategy or business. And that is why our name expresses our mission at the same time! Apps and mobile-responsive websites are our core business - and our passion. As an owner-managed company we provide highest quality in everything we do. We are the Mobil Macher.

Jan Grahns

Jan Grahns

Commercial Director (CCO)

Jan Grahns is one out of two managing directors of the Mobil Macher. As the commercial director, he is responsible for sales and marketing, mobile concepts and finance. He speaks English, French and German.


Jan Grahns

Felix Gornik

Technical Director (CTO)

Felix Gornik is the second managing director of the Mobil Macher. As the technical director, he manages the Mobil Macher Software Development as well as the Technical Support. He speaks English and German.

Jan Grahns

Our developers

A team of experts

Experts for databases, server systems as well as web and mobile device software developers contribute to our innovative and quality service.

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About us

We do more then simply developing apps and websites: our services reach from visioning the right software solution for our clients, to designing, developing and integrating it into their daily business operations.

We are the perfect partner for small, medium-sized and large businesses in Germany and worldwide.


Mobil Macher GmbH
Salzdahlumer Str. 196
38126 Brunswick

Phone: +49 531 472 200 14
Email: infomobil-macher.com
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