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The global cosmetic company 'alessandro', known for its many nail design innovations, decided to introduce its most recent innovation 'striplac' accompanied by a Mobil Macher mobile solution.

alessandro considered the fact that more and more potential customers only use mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to inform themselves about fashion products. Nevertheless, PC or Mac users still remain an important target group who should also have access to the information. In addition to that, time and effort for alessandro employees to update information as well as the development costs should have been minimized. Besides, easily adding languages, displaying videos and a modern design were essential features for alessandro.

The objective was reached by a responsive design website that is perfectly displayed on all devices - smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs. Depending of the size of the screen, the items are arranged side by side or one below the other.

By now, the site is available in 10 languages and countries. A structured database is the backbone of the website, where other languages can easily be added.

User-friendly and modern sliders simplify browsing through the product catalogue or the step-by-step manual.

A video of the company's Youtube channel was implemented using a feed.

The 'nailpoint finder' enables customers to quickly find the nearest nail and beauty studio or retailer where striplac is sold. To add new selling points, alessandro simply uploads an excel-file via a webtool and the new locations are displayed in a map automatically.

  • Strategy development/concept
  • Programming
  • Hosting on the client's servers
  • Care

About us

We do more then simply developing apps and websites: our services reach from visioning the right software solution for our clients, to designing, developing and integrating it into their daily business operations.

We are the perfect partner for small, medium-sized and large businesses in Germany and worldwide.


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